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The Lehns' kitchen addition

and home and office improvements  

Edmonds, WA 1995 - 2018


Both roofs leaked, the bridge wasn't safe to walk on, the office floor bounced, five tall firs near the house were dangerous, Freida's dust mite allergy meant removing its many wall-to-wall carpets and we were eager to update its floor plan, cabinets, fixtures and appliances, colors, finishes and landscaping. The lower level's largely reinforced concrete structure was unusually strong, most of its windows faced south with ample overhangs to shade the summer sun, the previous owner had painted three extraordinary wall murals, and the unobstructed view was too good to pass up.


Improvements have included: reroofing both roofs, new paint inside and out, converting the electric to gas heat, replacing the bridge, adding ~ 40 SF to the kitchen along with new fixtures, appliances, cabinets and stone countertops, smaller insulated skylights and new office and kitchen windows. Hollow core doors were replaced with solid core doors with better hardware upstairs, solid bamboo flooring was installed throughout the upper and part of the lower levels and the vertical crib like guardrails were replaced with horizontal copper pipe. Refinishing the fireplace's masonry core was probably the most fun and what we're all most proud of. After scraping off Grace's (its original designer, builder and owner/resident) silver wall paper and applying a scratch coat of cement, the whole family (Mariam, Frieda, Mithra and me) set up scaffolding over the stair and schloped a messy native gravel and cement mix all over it by hand, punctuating it here and there with selected treasures from the kid's rock collection.

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