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Spring 2019

The ~ 7,000 SF shaded green and labeled "1B/2A" above belongs to Green Tara incorporated (GTi) and is considered "key" because it can either become part of lot 1 or lot 2 and is needed to subdivide lot 2 into 2 lots. GTi has already won Edmonds' Preliminary Short Plat Approval for the subdivision and may be willing to help the buyer win the City's final approval. GTi is currently offering to sell the ~ 7,000 SF for $200,000 plus view protections and a perpetual easement for Lot 1 to occasionally use and enjoy its mid-level path and Fire Pit Point.


Lots 2, 3, and 4 are now owned by Bert Bradley, who wants to sell all three of them together at the same time and has recently considered listing them for $1.2 million. To purchase Bert's lots, please contact him directly at bert@greenerlivingsolutions.com or 206-915-2535.


The Lehns plan to list lot 1 and their recently updated Early Northwest Modernist House this spring for $1 million. To view before and after slide shows of the house and property see - http://lehndesign.com/lehn-addition--improvements. To view slide shows of Greenness' neighborhood, construction, and common areas, see - http://lehndesign.com/greenness.  


Lot 1 is also a "key" to purchasing and adding d'Elaine Johnson's estate on top of the coastal promontory it shares with lot 1 to Greenness and Tara Memorial Park.  To learn more about adding d'Elaine's estate to Greenness, or to purchasing the Lehns' and GTi's properties, please contact Phillip Lehn at info@greentarainc.com or 425-745-8949.


If you know of anyone else who may be interested in this sale, please forward this on to them.




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